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How to Present to Council

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How Can You Speak Directly to Roxboro's Governing Body?

The Roxboro City Council requests and encourages comments and involvement from members of our community. Whether you own a business, represent a group, or you want to share an opinion, we want to hear from you!
In order to facilitate your involvement in the process of local government decision-making, the Roxboro City Council has established several methods for you to publicly address Roxboro's governing body. They are as follows: 

Put Yourself on the Regular Council Meeting Agenda
Roxboro's City Council meets in regular session the second Tuesday of every month. If you have a concern and would like to make a presentation, you can put yourself on the agenda for regularly scheduled meetings. Simply make a request in writing to the City Clerk at least 7 days prior to the regularly scheduled meeting. In your request, the City Council asks that you note the topic of your presentation and that you provide any documentation that may help the council understand what you plan to present.

Sign up for Citizen Comment at the Start of the Meeting
A citizen comment period occurs at the beginning of every regularly scheduled meeting of the Roxboro City Council. If you have a concern you wish the council to hear, then sign-up any time prior to the meeting. A sign-up sheet is provided at the meeting in front of the City Clerk's seat for this purpose. Those who sign-up for the citizen comment period are asked to limit your comment to 5 minutes. If there are a number of groups or individuals, commenting on the same issue or concern, the Mayor reserves the right to ask that a speaker be appointed from the group to make the presentation. The City Council also reserves the right not to act on requests first presented at the same meeting.

Individual Contact - Ask a Council Member to be Placed on the Agenda
For any meeting of the Roxboro City Council (a regular meeting, a special called meeting, or an emergency meeting) anyone may ask a council member to be added to the agenda prior to such meeting. It will be up to a majority (e.g., a motion must be made by a council member, properly seconded, and the request will be put to a vote) of the City Council to decide if a citizen, group, or organization that is not already part of such meeting agenda's called purpose is to be permitted to address the Council. 

Public Hearings
The Roxboro City Council regularly schedules public hearings on a variety of topics. If you wish to speak during a public hearing, simply attend the meeting and raise your hand to be recognized at the appropriate time. In order to address the council during a public hearing, the Mayor must first recognize the individual or organization wishing to speak during the public hearing.

When publicly addressing Roxboro's governing body, the Council asks that you obey reasonable standards of courtesy in your remarks. The Mayor has the authority to determine whether a speaker has gone beyond reasonable standards of courtesy in his or her remarks and to entertain and rule on objections from other members of the Council on this ground.