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Snow Event Protocol

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When winter weather hits, the City of Roxboro must deal with an assortment of adverse conditions. Known as the 4-Phase Protocol, our approach to winter weather is designed to address all areas of the City in a way that allows for the most efficient utilization of resources.      


Phase 1-

At the beginning of any winter event, we begin by treating all the roads and parking lots associated with City and County Emergency Services. These normally include Person Memorial Hospital, EMS, Fire Stations #1, #2, & #3, Person County LEC, Person County Rescue, and Roxboro Police Department. This allows for these entities to continue serving our citizens during whatever emergencies may arise.

Phase 2-

During the second phase of the process, Main Street, Lamar Street and all other City-maintained streets with a steep incline/decline or that cross Madison Boulevard receive treatment. These streets serve as main thoroughfares for the Roxboro area, and must be cleared to allow emergency services to access neighborhoods as soon as possible. Inclines/declines also serve as hazardous areas during a winter event, and therefore receive additional attention to improve safe mobility for our citizens.

Phase 3-

The third phase of the process is the “catch all.” At this point, the high-traffic streets are treated (or scrapped), as well as most residential neighborhoods. By the end of this phase, all residents of the City should be within a half block from a fully plowed/treated street.

Phase 4-

Once all other roadways in the City are clear, crews will double back to address dead-end streets (which have the least amount of traffic of any City road) and intersections that need further attention. With the multiple agencies working to scrape the streets, there are times where snow is pushed back onto a side street at the intersection. Crews scout the area for such an occurrence and work to remove the snow as soon as possible.


A few things to keep in mind;

  • Applying salt to roadways prior to accumulation will result in the salt bouncing and rolling to the curb. Salt is most effective when an inch of precipitation accumulates.

  • Madison Boulevard is an NC DOT maintained roadway, not a City-maintained street.

  • Street parking cannot be cleared or treated when vehicles are parked. When winter weather is in the forecast, it is best to park off of the street if possible.


Page last updated 12/12/2017