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Fire Education

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Community Education
The fire prevention division of Roxboro Fire and Rescue is working to maintain Roxboro and Person County as a safe community through strategies that improve public safety. These are being addressed through working collaboratively with our local fire department, EMS, Police Department, Sheriff’s Department, Health Department, as well as other agencies.

Our Mission
To provide the customers of Roxboro and Person County a safer community through education efforts, coalitions and awareness campaigns by changing unsafe behaviors impacting high risk audiences based on community needs.

Our Vision
To work together through educational efforts to create a fire safe and injury free community.

Our Goals
Our goal is to reduce the incidents of injury by community based approaches to injury prevention. We at Roxboro Fire and Rescue have developed key projects that cover personal safety, child safety, and road safety.

Prevention Through Education
Roxboro Fire Department is dedicated to educating the public. We are staffed with a combination of seasoned veterans and youthful minds. The main ingredient for our success in the future is our people and the job that they perform. Roxboro Fire Department members have demonstrated a passion for service to the community and for going beyond the expectation of their job. Our team continually works to enhance our overall effectiveness and to innovate in all aspects of performance.

Public Education is designed to reduce the number of injuries and fire incidents due to carelessness or accidents. The reduction of these incidents saves taxpayers money through lower insurance rates and other associated costs.