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3 Fire Station 1The Roxboro Fire department is a full- service organization. The operational staff consists of 23 career positions and 20+ part-time positions. Career staff is organized into three shifts working a 24 on-duty / 48 off-duty rotational schedule. Each shift starts at 8:00 am and ends at 8:00 am the next day. Our personnel are required to maintain skills in emergency medical care, firefighting, and technical rescue operations. All personnel are responsible for the routine maintenance and care of all equipment and to maintain a high level of readiness for any incident. Our staff clean, inspect, repair, and test all department resources to ensure a safe and efficient work environment.

All personnel are subject to emergency callback to insure adequate staffing is available to respond to the wide variety of emergencies including those in single family homes, commercial structures, industrial occupancies and medical facilities. Our goal is to have a minimum of two engines, one ladder and fifteen personnel respond to all structure fires within the city limits to meet the following service objectives:

  • Turnout within 60 seconds
  • Arrive on scene, with five personnel, within 5 minutes of dispatch 90% of the time
  • Set up two 150 GPM attack lines and attack the fire within 2 minutes of arrival (NFPA 170)
  • Provide 2 person RIT crew within 2 minutes of arrival as required by CFR 1910.134 (two-in/two-out)
  • Provide a 2 person search and rescue crew within 2 minutes of arrival
  • Respond a minimum of 15 personnel to all structure fires within 8 minutes of dispatch 90% of the time

Fire Codes

The fire department responds to more than just fire calls. We also provide limited first responder services, response to hazardous materials incidents, and tactical rescue services. In total, the department responds to over 1400 calls per year and handles the emergency phase of each situation before turning the incident over to other appropriate personnel such as police officers or hospital personnel. Whenever a customer calls, we will do everything possible to help with their situation, even the occasional "cat in the tree." If you have a problem, call us; we may have the inside track to the solution.