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Animal Control

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Animal Control

The Animal Control Officer provides essential services to the community by removing domestic nuisance animals.  Animal Control services are available Monday thru Friday during business hours and on the weekend by call out only. 

To request an Animal Control Officer respond for service please call the Person County 911 Center NON Emergency number at:  336-597-0545

For general questions, contact Animal Control Officer John Hazel at: or by phone at 336-504-9894


Emergency Complaints for On Call Animal Control

Priority services for On Call/After Hour Animal Control complaints are set by the Person County Animal Control Director. 

Priority 1- Animal Bite; Stray aggressive animal; Cruelty to animal; Rabies animals; or Abandonment

Priority 2- Livestock or sick animal

Priority 3- Owner surrendered animal or friendly stray animals. 


North Carolina law prohibits our Animal Control Officer from trapping wildlife unless the wild animal shows obvious signs of rabies, unprovoked aggression that may be associated with rabies, or that are suspected to be rabid or, a rabid or potentially rabid animal that has exposed or potentially exposed humans, pets or livestock to rabies.

For more information or questions about the NC Wildlife Commission visit their website at: or by calling 1-866-318-2401