Planning Board and Board of Adjustment Information


The City of Roxboro has three boards dealing with land use planning concerns.

The Planning Board serves as an advisory board to the City Council for any land use planning matter. The Planning Board is a legislative board and is often called upon to consider policies, ordinances, and is responsible for the development of future land use plans.

The Board of Adjustment serves as a quasi-judicial board. In this role, they are primarily interpreting the intent of our ordinances. The Board of Adjustment holds hearings to consider variance requests, and are the appellate body for land use decisions made by City staff. 

The City Council serves in a capacity of approving permits for any Special Use, as noted in the Unified Development Ordinance. The City Council is the ultimate deciding body for any Zoning Ordinance amendment or Zoning Map amendment. As such, the City Council primarily functions in a legislative capacity for Planning and Zoning matters. 

Below you should find a schedule of the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment Meetings and contact information for those Board Members. 

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