Criminal Investigations


Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Division (CID) provides in depth investigative services.  The division is sub-divided into General Crimes and Street Crimes (Drug/Vice). Lieutenant C. Dickerson leads the division by providing guidance, direction, case management and administrative oversight.  Citizens who need to speak with Lt. Dickerson may contact him by calling (336) 322-6067 or via email at

General Crimes

Sergeant P. Furstenau leads (3) General Crime detectives who investigate all felonious crimes such as fraud, sexual assault, and burglaries.  One of the detectives, Det. J. Howe, specializes in forensics and latent evidence. He is one of 1,000 certified latent fingerprint examiners in the world. If you need to speak with a detective you may contact Sgt. Furstenau by calling (336) 322-6065 or via email at

Street Crimes

Sergeant S.Williams leads the Street Crimes division.  The unit specializes in covert policing principles to combat substance abuse, sells, illicit activities and other specialized areas of police services.  If you need to report drug activity or other street crimes please contact Sgt. Williams by calling (336) 322-6054 or via email at


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