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City Hall
Tel (336) 599-3116
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105 South Lamar Street
PO Box 128 Roxboro, NC 27573

Mission Statement

The mission of the Roxboro Police Department is to maximize the quality of life of the citizens of the city we serve; to uphold the law fairly and firmly; to prevent crime; to address the problems of the citizens we serve; to pursue and bring to justice those who violate the law; to keep the peace of the city; to protect, help, and reassure all people in Roxboro; to do all this with integrity, common sense, and sound judgment.

We will be compassionate, courteous, and patient. We will act without showing fear, favor, or prejudice to the rights of others. We will be professional, calm, and restrained in the face of violence and/or irrational behavior. We will strive to reduce the fears of the public and, in so far as we can, reflect its priorities in the actions we take. We will change and mold our Department as necessary to maximize our service in meeting needs of a growing city. We will respond to well-founded criticism with a willingness to change. We recognize that innovation may require adjustment and evaluation before reaching an optimum level of service.

Initiatives & Structure

• Departmental Reorganization
• Nuisance Abatement Team
• Managing Patrol Time Training
• Departmental Strategic Plan
• Formation of a Special Response Team Police K-9 Unit
• Latino Initiative
• Patrol Staffing Analysis
• Gang Needs Assessment & Training Needs
• Problem - Solving Kit
• Supervisor & COP Training
• Employee Transition Team

Police Organization Chart

Click here for PDF

Police Organization Chart

Roxboro PD Online Crime Map

Crime mapRoxboro PD recently contracted to have this online public crime map created. This allows citizens to access important relavant local government information and helps the city government to fulfil their mandate to keep the public informed.
Click here to view the map


2 Districts consisting of 10 officers each. Each District has a District Commander (Lieutenant) who supervises the 2 Sergeants and 8 officers for his district. This division is under the direct supervision of the Chief of Police.

Criminal Investigations
Consists of 4 officers: Lieutenant, Sergeant, and 2 Investigators. This division is under the direct supervision of the Deputy Chief (Captain)

Street Crime Unit
Consists of 3 officers: Sergeant and 2 Investigators. This division is under the direct supervision of the Criminal Investigations Lieutenant.

Animal Control
1 Officer for the City of Roxboro, working in conjunction with Person County Animal Control officers.

Administration/Support Services
Consists of the Chief of Police, Police Management Assistant, Deputy Chief, Professional Standards Lieutenant, Records Manager, and Criminal Investigations Assistant.

Programs & Info

Crime StoppersCrime Stoppers has received thirty-three tips and twelve arrests have been made as the result of these tips. Six payouts have been made for tips received that led to arrests. Citizens are encouraged to continue to phone in any suspicious activity they witness and any information that will be helpful to law enforcement in solving and preventing crimes.

Neighborhood Watch

Officers from the Roxboro Police Department have worked with several neighborhoods to implement neighborhood watch programs. These programs hold regular meetings to discuss issues that have arisen in the neighborhood and to develop solutions to these issues. Our department will assist any neighborhood within the City of Roxboro in establishing a Neighborhood Watch Program. Contact the department at (336) 599-8345 between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday for assistance in this area.


Members of the Roxboro Police Department volunteer in the community on a regular basis. Many of our officers participate in fundraising activities for the N.C. Special Olympics and we also carry out Shop With A Cop for needy families at Christmas each year. Officers volunteer their time to meet with school children to teach them about gun safety and stranger danger, as well as providing Child I.D.s at local events (such as Personality, National Night Out, Fire Safety and Prevention Week, and grand opening ceremonies of local businesses).

Honor Guard

The Roxboro Police Department's Honor Guard was established in 2004. Thus far, they have participated in several community events, such as leading the survivors lap at Relay for Life, receptions for incoming city leaders, Special Olympics, and Police Building Dedication. We are proud of the men who serve on this unit; they are professional in appearance and in demeanor.

Gun Safety

Children STOP! That's the first thing to remember if you ever see a gun or bullets. DO NOT touch it. Leave right away.
Tell an adult you trust. Call 9-1-1 if there is no adult around. Always assume that a gun is real, loaded and dangerous.

Adults Make sure that any guns you have in your possession are in a secure location and that you have a gun lock on them so that children cannot accidentally shoot themselves or someone else should they find the guns. Gun locks are available at the police department, free of charge. Teach your children that guns are for adults to handle and that they should never touch a gun, no matter whose it is.

Personal Safety

As we approach the holiday season, please take extra care to be aware of your surroundings. Do not carry large amounts of cash when you go shopping. Place all purchases in the trunk of your vehicle, so that you do not lure a thief to break into your vehicle. If you must shop alone, do not go to your vehicle without a security officer with you.

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is a pattern of coercive control of one person over another physically harms, arouses fear, prevents free behavior or forces unwanted behavior includes various abusive behaviors, including manipulation of:
Victims, You and Me, and the Court System.


School Bus Safety
  • Stand only at a designated bus stop
  • Stay well away from the road and always have a responsible adult with you at the bus stop
  • Do not approach the road until the bus has come to a complete stop and all vehicles and have stopped
  • Keep your eyes on the driver; they can see the road and warn you if a vehicle is approaching the stopped bus and is not stopping
  • Once on the bus, find your seat and stay in it at all times
  • When your turn comes to exit the bus, remain seated until the bus comes to a complete stop
  • Don't do anything that will distract the driver. No arguing, No walking around in the aisles, No yelling etc.
  • Remember to drive with caution! School buses will be on the roads and are carrying precious cargo
  • Report any activity that you think is wrong to the bus driver or a teacher


School Bus Safety  
Two lane roadway
Two- lane roadway 2

Four-lane roadway without  median
Divided highway
Roadway of four lanes or more

Rabies Warning & Facts

• There has been a recent confirmed case of rabies in a fox within the city limits. We are making every attempt to capture any stray cat or dog in the immediate area of the event. Everyone should take precautions to limit their exposure to strange animals. Some reminders of animal behavior to be on the lookout for:

• Foxes and raccoons should not be roaming around in the daylight hours

• Animals that appear sick or are not acting “normal”

• Wild animals that act aggressively; they normally do not approach humans.

• If there is any question as to whether an animal may be rabid or not, contact Animal Control by dialing 597-0547 and an officer will be dispatched to the location.

Be sure that your pet’s rabies vaccination is current. If your animal is picked up and rabies vaccine cannot be documented, the animal could be euthanized and you could be fined for not complying with City Ordinance.

National Night Out - See Roxboro NNO online

This unique crime/drug prevention event sponsored by National Association of Town Watch. National Night Out is designed to:
Heighten crime and drug prevention awareness;
Generate support for, and participation in, local anticrime programs;
Strengthen neighborhood spirit and police-community partnerships;
and send a message to criminals letting them know that neighborhoods are organized and fighting back.
The Roxboro Police Department will hold its fourth annual National Night Out celebration on the fall at Merritt Kane Commons.
We are already looking forward to this year’s National Night Out event and hope to see you there.

Back to School Reminders

• SEAT BELT USE IS MANDATORY! Parents should remind their teenaged drivers to buckle up and require passengers to buckle up as well.

• Traffic in and around the high school is heavy before and after school. All drivers should exercise caution and common sense when traveling in this area. Obey all speed limit signs and watch for pedestrians.

• Passengers should not do anything to distract the driver. No climbing around in the car; no yelling or loud talking.

• Loud music can also be distracting and prevent you from hearing sirens. Changing stations on the radio or switching CDs can be deadly.

• Cars and cell phones don’t mix. Using a cell phone distracts you, keeps your hand off the wheel, and can easily lead to a crash.

• Parents: Be sure that your teenaged driver is obeying all Graduated Licensing guidelines and is not carrying too many passengers, etc.