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New policies to address high grass violations in City

Post Date:06/27/2018

Press Release – June 23, 2018

New High Grass Policy – Effective July 1, the City of Roxboro will enact new procedures to address high grass violations. When a violation is found, a sign will be placed on-site stating the property is in violation of City Code Title IX: Chapter 93, Section 93.02, the posting date, and the date by which the violation must be corrected. The signs, approximately half the size of typical campaign yard sign, are yellow with black writing and will bear the signature of the Code Enforcement Officer who performed the investigation. Currently, property owners with grass in excess of 12 inches receive a Notice of Violation from State Code Enforcement, Inc., the code enforcement company contracted to perform services on behalf of the City. Property owners have 10 days from the date of the letter to fix the violation, before the City can assign the property to a contractor for ordered abatement. This process will continue, with the addition of the aforementioned signage.

Staff recommended this new procedure as a result of increased nuisance complaints received since spring of this year. When grass reaches 12+ inches, staff often receives multiple calls regarding the same property. These signs will serve two purposes; to alert the neighbors the City is aware of the issue and help remind property owners of the need to remedy the violation by the deadline.

Additionally, the City will take measures to encourage property owners to comply with the ordinance instead of waiting for the City to order abatement by one of the contracted mowing services. At present, there are a number of properties which are repeat offenders for grass violations. Beginning July 1, any violation that must be abated by the City will incur a $100 administrative fee for each offense, in addition to the cost of the abatement. Invoices are sent to the property owner of record and given thirty days to make payment. If no payment is made by the deadline, a lien for the full amount is placed on the property. Staff hopes this will deter property owners from leaving grass in an unkempt manner so as to avoid any additional costs.

The City Code of Ordinances are available online at For questions regarding the nuisance abatement process, or to file a complaint, contact the Planning and Development Department (336)322-6018.

Planning and Development Director, Lauren Johnson

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