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Temporary signage regulated by new Unified Development Ordinance

Post Date:06/27/2018

Press Release – June 6, 2018

New Sign Regulations – In June 2017, City Council adopted a new Unified Development Ordinance for the City of Roxboro. This ordinance replaced the previous Zoning Ordinance for the City, which was originally written in 1964. Despite numerous amendments over the past fifty years, the existing ordinance was simply dated in allowed uses, types of developments, and other regulations. The new Unified Development Ordinance, more commonly referred to as the UDO, created an opportunity for more modern development practices within the City limits. A part of these development requirements include sign regulations. Over the past year, staff from the Planning and Development Department have worked with new businesses to ensure compliance with these regulations, but also noticed a number of existing businesses that have signs which do not comply with the new UDO.

Permanently installed signs, existing with a permit prior to June 2017, are exempt from these new regulations, but supplemental signage such as feather flags, yard signs, and banners are not. In the next two months, business owners with signs out of compliance will receive a letter from the Planning Director with information to assist them in coming into compliance. A generous deadline of three (3) months will be given for those business owners to make any necessary changes, and staff will be happy to help business owners walk through the requirements individually. No one will be asked to change their permanently installed wall signs or freestanding signs. Such signs will only be required to comply with the new ordinance when they are repaired or replaced in the future. Instead, these letters will address supplemental signage located on the property.

“We want business owners to know that we understand and appreciate the need to advertise sales, new products, and services. This effort is not meant, in any way, to hurt or hinder businesses. We simply want to ensure a safe and attractive commute throughout our city. When signs are placed too close to the roadway they create visibility hazards for motorists.”

Additionally, Planning staff will be working with the citizens of Roxboro and Person County to ensure compliance with temporary signage as it pertains to events and fundraisers advertised throughout the City limits.

“Staff appreciates the cooperation from the community. New information is not always easy to circulate, but it is our hope that patience and support from City staff will ease the transition.”

The complete UDO is available online at For questions regarding required permits and development ordinances, contact the Planning and Development Department (336)322-6018.

Planning and Development Director, Lauren Johnson

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