Share Your Opinion About Uptown Roxboro

Post Date:07/18/2017 10:29 AM

Do you have fifteen minutes to help us change how people think about Uptown Roxboro? Roxboro Development Group is working to identify the qualities that define the Uptown area. Residents and business owners in Roxboro and Person County can help by sharing their opinions. That feedback will help RDG gain a better understanding of how local citizens feel about Uptown Roxboro.

RDG has worked with Amico Brand Design to develop an online community perception survey. The survey is available from July 20 to Aug 10, 2017 and can be found at the following link: This link will also be included in the July water bill and can be found on the RDG website (

Surveys can also be completed on paper. Printed surveys will be available from July 20 to August 10, 2017 at the following locations: Person County Public Library, City Hall, the Senior Center and the County Tax Office. Completed surveys should be returned to same location at which they were obtained.

The goal of RDG’s branding project is to identify key qualities of the area, discover the brand that authentically reflects Uptown and develop an action plan to raise awareness of Uptown both inside and outside Roxboro and Person County. This project will continue for several months as perception research is conducted, positioning and creative work is executed and an action plan is developed.

A polished brand for Uptown is one more tool to enable economic development efforts for the city and the county. A revitalized downtown encourages investment and improves the local economy by increasing property values and tax base. It provides opportunity for locally-owned small business start-ups. Many successful small towns use development of existing assets and distinctive resources as part of their overall economic development plan.

Since 1995, Roxboro Development Group has worked to make all of Roxboro stronger by encouraging business owners to locate, live work and play in Uptown Roxboro. Amico Brand Design works with organizations and community leaders to identify the authentic properties of their communities and develop polished, professional brands for the past twenty-two years.

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